Intelligence Bureau

Intelligence Bureau is a body that is used by the government to search for intelligence so as to help a country secure itself from terrorism and other acts against humanity. It is a very important body in any country and one that should be given maximum support by all the stakeholders. Countries security is influenced by the level of intelligence that is gathered by the Bureau of that particular state. A bureau that is sophisticated is bound to give the best intelligence and thus protect a country better. Intelligence bureaus of different countries are supposed to work together so as to achieve a safe environment and country. Bureaus are also supposed to work so closely with citizens as it is the easiest way that they can gather information and learn about any attacks that are being planned.

Oldest Intelligence Bureaus

India has the oldest Bureau in the world. It is believed to have been formed in the year 1947. However, intelligence existed even long before that. The only difference was that in the past times hit was not as organized as it came to be in 1947. In 1885, India had an agency that was used to monitor the activities of the Russian Military. By that time, Russia was deploying troops in Afghanistan. In 1909, an intelligence office was created in England due to the fear of the Indian Revolution. All these intelligence offices were political and did not mind were not created solely for the purpose of security. The Political Intelligence Bureau in India in the years after 1921was managed by both the India Office and National Government of India. It however reported to a different body altogether and this can show how poor the organization was then.

Responsibilities of the Intelligence Bureau

The main role of any Intelligence Bureau in the world is to make sure that a country is safe. They are entrusted with protecting the country within its borders and without. In case of a terrorist attack, the bureau is supposed to arrange how to retaliate and not put the lives of the citizens at risk. This makes them responsible for counter-terrorism attacks and threats. After the 1951 amendments, the Intelligence of any nation has an obligation to work together with that of the United Nations and that of other countries so as to prevent attacks both in their countries and in that of other countries.