How To Compose A Brilliant Essay About Air Pollution

Geography, the social sciences and a wide range of other subjects may at some point require you to write an essay based on the topic of air pollution. If you have been set an essay to write on this topic then you may be wondering how to approach the work. In order to give you some ideas of how you can go about completing the work, the following outlines various steps that you should take when composing your work.

Choosing a topic concerned with their pollution

To begin with, you will need to come up with a good title for your paper. A good way to go about this is to develop a list of potential topics that you may wish to write about. You can then narrow down this topic list in order to find the most suitable subject that you wish to base your paper on.

When you have a general understanding of what you want to base your work upon, you will then need to carry out further brainstorming techniques in order to come up with a relevant title. The following outlines some possible suggestions you may wish to work with.

Looking at air pollution levels in cities around the world

You may find it interesting to examine and analyse the air pollution levels in cities around the world. For example, during China’s recent years of industrial developments, the air pollution levels in some of its bigger cities have increased drastically. Alternatively, you may wish to look at other major cities around the world, and how they have attempted to reduce air pollution.

Identifying the causes of air pollution

As mentioned, China has seen an increase in air pollution as a result of industrial developments. You may wish to analyse the effects of industry, as well as any other potential causes, that may lead to air pollution.

Obtaining verifiable facts and data relating to air pollution

When writing your work, it is always best to try and research any facts and data that can back up any points that you’re making. However, you shouldn’t just use any or all of the facts and data that you find online; instead, you should ensure that any information that you do use in your essay is based on information from reliable sources. Furthermore, you should ensure that citations and references are included where necessary, so you do not get penalised for plagiarism.