The Top 40 Best Essay Topics That Will Grab Your Reader's Attention

When looking for a good essay topic, it is easy to be the strongest critic of any idea someone will propose to you. While some topics may fail to capture your interest at all, others may be outright shocking for the reader. The question then becomes where do you find the golden mean? Have a look at this list of the top 40 best essay topics that will grab your reader’s attention.

  1. Why Cell Phones are not good for your health
  2. Is homosexuality a genetic condition or a learned behavior?
  3. The role of advertising: Manipulation vs. information
  4. Why should businesses be ethical?
  5. What is the possibility of replacing animal testing with other forms of testing in medical research?
  6. Why the developed countries should stop giving aid to third world countries
  7. Why China is the new superpower
  8. Can standardized tests assess something meaningful besides the students’ short-term memory?
  9. Why the arms race is robust now more than ever in history
  10. Does allowing high school students to get free condoms encourage or promote teenage sex?
  11. Why the government needs to enact internet censorship
  12. Should prostitutes be allowed to form or join labor unions
  13. How the internet is contributing to more bullying among students
  14. How mainstream media is contributing to moral decay in society
  15. Why the U.S is not justified to lecture other countries on human rights
  16. Why the church has lost its moral standing in society
  17. Is homosexuality moral?
  18. The pitfalls of Western-style political systems
  19. Why the black market can never be abolished
  20. Will legalizing narcotics help to reduce narcotics related violence?
  21. Who is to blame for the rising cases of obesity?
  22. Why food labeling can be an effective way of enhancing healthy eating habits
  23. How the “American dream” has been changing over the past decade
  24. Why spanking children for wrong-doing can be justified
  25. Is the Islamic religion accommodative to terrorism?
  26. Are certain races superior to others?
  27. Should men be protected against feminists?
  28. Lifestyles and obesity
  29. Why gaming can be considered a new type of sport
  30. Why social media is making people poor communicators
  31. There are circumstances when telling lies is absolutely necessary
  32. Why single sex schools should be banned
  33. Why perfectionism is a threat to creativity
  34. Why there can be no gender equality but gender equity
  35. Why road rage is a sign of deeper psychological problems
  36. Should the government legalize the sale of human organs
  37. Why violent juvenile offenders should be treated like adult offenders
  38. Why newspaper reports should be required to disclose their sources
  39. Why the Europe should compensate Africa for colonialism and slavery
  40. Why the church should not allow gay marriages to be conducted in church