List Of Creative Compare And Contrast Essay Topics For High School

Essay are one of the most crucial things that we have done form our child hood. May it be from language class or it might be from the art or even science class, it is mandatory to write essays. You always have to come up with a nice and a standard writing. There are many different forms of write ups starting from argumentative where the author argues about a particular topic, persuasive where the author tries to peruse the reader on a topic, definition essay where the author tries to define a particular word and its use etc. one of the most important out of them is the compare and contrast essay.

What is a compare and contrast essay?

As the name suggests here the author needs to pick up a topic of their choice and should compare and contrast in between them. He should prominently discus about the differences and the similarities between the subjects. It might be like you have to write about email and letter. What things to discuss? You have to discuss the similarities and the differences amongst them. Where do they differ and where do they have their similar points.

How to write a compare and contrast essay

Choice of topic is the most important thing for any format of write up. Here it is much more important as you need to choose such a topic so that you can differentiate as well as discuss similarities between them. Without a proper one, you won’t be able to come up with good differences and similarities.

Outline the entire project and then start working, write the differences first and then go for the similarities or you may do it vice versa. You can go for a paragraph to paragraph write up where you will discuss similarities in one and differences in other. Or you might just complete the paragraph about similarities and then go for the differences.

Some compare and contrast essays for high school