Underage Drinking

Today, the society is dealing with very many issues from a day to day basis. One of the biggest challenges being fought in the society is underage drinking. There are quite a lot of problems that have been realized with alcoholism and substance abuse amongst the young people. Through the establishment of the foundation for advancing alcohol responsibility, a lot of dedication has been made towards the development of innovating approaches and the provision of resources aimed at helping educators, parents, counselors and other practitioners in their talk with the young people on how to live responsibly on matters touching alcoholism and the dangers that may result. Most importantly, the problem of underage drinking on all aspects can effectively be solved through offering resources and support to policy makers, educators and parents.

Maybe it is important to explain underage drinking – it is a situation where an individual below the legal age of drinking takes alcohol. The age value is usually 21 although may vary depending on various parts of the world. This is a very lousy risk that many aspiring teens and adolescents often take. There are very many challenges connected to underage drinking. This is usually the start of irresponsible behavior. Teenage life is usually packed with a lot of curiosity. The energy for the young people is usually enormous and when it is not controlled, it usually becomes destructive. Basically, underage drinking starts as a fad amongst the young people but can have very damaging effects that not only affects them, but their family and the community in which they live at large.

It is a very complex situation that can turn out to be very worse especially when the life of the young person becomes uncontrollable. The risks involved could lead to serious injuries and even death through car accidents caused by drunken teens. The problems are not only limited to that but underage drinking can also cause a major health risk to the young people. Alcohol usually causes impaired judgment amongst the children and may often make the wrong decisions leading to risky behaviors like violence, sexual activity and driving while drunk.

Underage drinking is a very huge problem in today’s society. Drunken teens are susceptible to sexual and physical assault and may even affect their brain development. The situation can become worse with addiction. Addiction can even make the young ones develop bad behaviors of stealing money to get cash for the drinks. In the end, the young people end up being responsible and uncontrollable.