Life Of Pi

What do people look for in a film? This question can be answered in the novel, life of Pi. It is a film that was featured by Yann Martel. At first, it was considered an unfilmable novel, even though, this lacked a substantial reason. The film explores some concepts of spirituality and life. In it, the author gives a story of a man who was shipwrecked at sea. The man was known as Pi Patel. He quickly got into a rescue boat with his animals and fled to the land. This shows the man’s love for animals and birds. Along the way, he learns about many things concerning faith and love for God. Life of Pi stands amongst the best cinematic films of the time. In this, we will seek the underlying parts that make the film a spiritual and religious one.

When Pi flees with his animals, he realizes the love of God for him and compares that with what people say and believe. He also analyzes that Christ was thrilled by tribulations and later overcame them. He also thought of the moments of redemption, self-discovery, and the unrequited grace of God. In this, Jesus Christ went to the cross in order to achieve the ultimate sacrifice for sinners. Being a Hindu, Pi too had the same notion, meaning that the Hindus and Muslims had the same equally affirming connotations.

Pi is noted to be a monitor of the Christian Science. When he grew up, he was not very devoted to the Hindu religion. The film depicts that he tried his hand in Islam and Christianity and confirmed that they are equally affirming. Pi also wonders what human beings want. He questions himself whether the devils small crump would be enough for mankind rather than a tree of holiness. He affirmed that people eat the devils crump and discharge their Catholic gods, Vishnu - the Hindu gods, and Allah - the god of the Muslims. In this film, Pi tries to make people more religious without choosing sides. He learned about religion from a catholic priest and sought prayers through Allah, Vishnu, and Krishna.

In short, Life of Pi is among the most interesting novels that caught the attention of thousands at the period when it was released as a film. It focuses on religion and spirituality. The film also depicts equally affirming connotations that were based on religion. He also encouraged people to be more religious by worshipping the Christian God, Allah, and Vishnu.