Zodiac Signs

Zodiac signs have origin in astronomy where a zodiac is simply a circle with segments of 30° each. Therefore, the circle gets to have twelve partitions of celestial longitude all centered at the ecliptic, the seeming path of the sun throughout the celestial sphere over the year. The moon paths and that of the visible planets as well remain very close to the well elaborate ecliptic inside the zodiac’s belt which goes between 8-9° south or north of the ecliptic as determined in terms of celestial latitude. For the reason that the partitions are regular, they don’t exactly correspond to the twelve constellations defining them. Throughout history, the twelve partitions are known as signs. Most importantly, the zodiac is simply a celestial system of coordinates or more particularly an ecliptic coordinate system where the ecliptic is the latitude origin and the sun’s position at the vernal equinox is taken as the longitude’s origin.

General notion about the signs

A person born on either the first or the last day of a sign of the sun, the person is said to have been born on a cusp as defined through astrological terms. This means that the individual would get the benefit of reading for a personal sun sign and particularly the sun sign that starts or ends right after or before the date of birth. For instance, a birthdate on the 22nd day of December has a Capricorn sign of the sun. However, the person could still have Sagittarian characteristics as well. Well, the accurate time and day when the sun apparently changes signs changes with the year defined primarily due to leap years and differences in time zones. A person born close to the dates of changeover for the signs will be required to draw a personal horoscope to exactly know the sign under which he or she was born.

Zodiac signs and their meanings

The Aries sign covers the period from March 21 - April 19 and shows demanding active, ambitious, effective and determined characters. The Taurus sign comes after the Aries and covers date from April 20 - May 20 signifying, appreciation, patience, security, instruction and subtle strength. Gemini covers dates from May 21 - June 20 and is a sign of indecision, communication, intelligence, changeability and inquisitiveness. Cancer covers dates from June 21 - July 22 showing diplomacy, selectiveness, intensity, impulsiveness and emotion. Leo covers the period starting from July 23 - August 22 and represents warmth, faithfulness, ruling, initiative and generosity. This is followed by Virgo from August 23 - September 22 as a sign or reflectiveness, observation, analyzing, practicality and thoughtfulness. Libra then comes next from September 23 - October 22 as a show of justice, beauty, truth, balance and perfection. Scorpio starting from October 23 - November 21 signifies self-willed characters, transient, unyielding and purposeful traits. From November 22 - December 21 is the Sagittarius sign displaying motion, optimism, experimentation and philosophical traits. For Capricorn, it starts from December 22 - January 19 showing dominance, willfulness, practicality, determination and perseverance. Aquarius coming in from January 20 - February 18 shows duplicitous, humanitarian, serious, knowledgeable and insightful characters. Lastly is the Pisces sign of depth, indecisive, fluctuation, reactive and imagination traits from February 19 - March 20 timeframe.