How To Write An Introduction To A Compare And Contrast Essay: Tips And Examples

Writing an essay is one of the most assigned tasks for students of school, college and university. In school students, write comparatively simpler essay assignments about simpler topics. These assignments include lesser research and only encourage the learning and creativity of the students. As they grow up, the complication and length of these assignments increases. Students in colleges and universities need to complete research paper style and literature analysis papers that are hard and involve extensive research.

A compare and contrast paper is relatively easy and interesting than other types. You need to discuss the different aspects of a same topic or compare the similarities and differences between two topics. This is quite evident from the name of this type that you need to create a careful comparison between two things. You can use the first paragraph to introduce your topic and compare the subject of interest in the body of your paper. The conclusion is the final paragraph where you need to summarize the complete paper in a precise manner.

This article shows students how to write a winning introduction for their comparison essay