Writing An Introduction For A Five-Paragraph Essay: A Simple Guide

Essay writing is one of the major curriculums that are assigned in school as well as in college. While creative writing is a not a very difficult subject but it requires enough skill and the ability to write on any given subject extensively. A five paragraph essay would be fairly large and hence to compose one, the writer should have good writing and imaginative skill.

You may be assigned to write a five paragraph essay on any possible topic and whatever be the topic, the introduction holds a major power over the rest of the writing. The introduction to any topic should be such that it has the ability to grab the attention of the reader at the first glance. To write a good introduction one should remember the following points and you would be surely able to compose a good introduction:

How to write an introduction for an essay of five paragraph essay

  1. The introduction should not be too long: the length of the introduction matters a lot and one should keep in mind that the introduction is not too lengthy or the readers would lose interest in the topic. If the introduction is too long, it is likely that the reader would lose interest in reading further and moreover a lengthy introduction that appears to be equivalent of the essay itself is not favorable and cannot be called an introduction at all.
  2. Provide fun facts and little deviation from the topic to add extra interest: to evoke the interest of the readers further you can add little deviations and anecdotes to grab the attention of the readers. Be careful about the factor that these anecdotes are somehow or the other well related to the topic itself. However, do not overdo these additions as that will add to the bulk of the essay and in turn make it digressive in nature.
  3. Check through the grammar and spelling and its introduction thoroughly: The grammar and spelling that vital parts that should be kept in mind while writing and if you commit any mistake of such nature in the introduction itself, then the overall impression about your writing skill from the very beginning would be rather negative in the mind of the reader. The paragraphs should be kept short and precise and the overall grammar is equally important.
  4. Revise your writing before submission: Go through your writing thoroughly before submitting it and if necessary write down a fresh fair draft of the whole to maintain the natness.