Looking For A Free Essay: Why The Internet Is Not The Best Tool

When it comes to getting work done in the final months of the academic year, a majority of students would be scrambling to get as much work done as possible. The most common practice for them would be to go online and look for free essays in which they could just use them as reference. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that, but the only problem is the Internet is not exactly the best tool when it comes to getting your assignments done. Here are a few reasons why:


Validity will be a serious issue when it comes to getting free essays from the Internet. You never know who wrote it! There are times when the content of the work can be false and made up as well! That’s the Internet for you! Unless you know a lot about your topic and you can critically analyse each and every piece of work, using the Internet may not be exactly valid. But then again, if you have all the knowledge in the world already, why would you be looking it up the Internet?


This will certainly be another issue. Plagiarism is rather common in the online world and it might be difficult for you to track and check unless you have some plagiarism software. Besides from that, using and copying out sections of the free essays that you found online is classified as plagiarism for YOU as well, so it’s really not worth it. Obviously, you may use it for your own reference, but then again validity is an issue.

Are they really free?

How can you be sure that the work is free? Some companies or websites offer ‘free’ essays, but requires you to register payment details. Of course they are going to say that it is for the record and won’t charge you, but how can you be sure? Unless you are dealing with some major multinational company, I would suggest that you do not reveal your own payment details and put yourself at financial risks.

Anyone could post them!

It could be illegal in some cases if the work is copyrighted. If you use it, you will be held liable as well! If you are really keen on getting an essay, it might be a smart move to actually buy it. Don’t run any unnecessary risks!