Where Can I Scan My Essay For Plagiarism For Free?

Plagiarism is a serious offense in writing. The best way to avoid plagiarizing is to do you own writing. If you use a tutor or you use a writing company, you need to give enough input and work, so that the paper can be considered yours. If you utilize bits and pieces of composition you find online, you need to make sure that you realize other people may be using the same writings. If you reference many articles and many models, you may be scared that you have plagiarized accidently, and that is understandable. Also remember, that failure to cite your sources may result in a plagiarism flag, so cite carefully. There are a few places where you can go to check your papers. Some places you can use are the:

Online Free Sites

There are a few online free scanning sites. Also, there are a few sites where you buy a number of scans and then you are given some free runs. When you agree to one of these sites, always make sure you read the fine print carefully.


A friend who knows your writing can always read your work to see if you have words or phrases that seem out of place. They are not a machine, but they can act as a support system for you.

Check Your Library and Media Staff

Some schools buy programs for their students. If you think your school has bought a cheat check program for its students, so to the media center to get your sign in code and password. If the school eats the cost, the tools are free to you.

Writing Lab

Your school may have a writing lab or a local college may have a writing lab that you can use. Those labs tend to have the programs that check for word and writing steals. You can take your finished paper and run it through the tool to check for you. It is a nice perk because it does not cost, and you can use it as often as you need to use it.

The next time you write a composition and you wish to scan it for plagiarism at no charge, then go check the sites online, ask your friends, check with your library and media staff, and utilize the school writing lab if you have one. Making sure your essays are cheat free is an important step in finalizing your essays.