How To Write A Brilliant Essay On Ethics: 8 Helpful Suggestions

Writing about ethics can be a double edged sword, for what is ethical to someone may be unethical to another. Thus, there cannot be a right and a wrong with ethics: there is only perception. Perhaps this is what students struggle with most while writing about ethics in an essay. Thus, here are eight helpful suggestions to help you write a brilliant essay on ethics.

How to write a brilliant essay on ethics:

  1. Choose a side: You either stand for the topic or against it. Do not attempt to take the middle ground, as that is usually when the point starts going astray, and the essay loses its essence. Do not attempt to justify the opposition using terms like ‘however’ and ‘on the other hand.’
  2. Make a list: One of the best things to do while writing an ethics essay is to make a list raising valid questions about your topic. If writing about hacking, for instance, why do you think it is ethical? What does ethical hacking entail? As you go, answer these questions, and you will have your paper.
  3. Give a good reason: Whatever point you make, be sure to justify it with apt examples and instances. A point well-made may be rendered unimportant if not backed up by substantial evidence.
  4. Think forward: As mentioned earlier, what is considered ethical by one may not be so by another. Thus, always think of possible objections to your points and make sure to counter them by providing an explanation.
  5. Use polite language: Often, when making a point, students often forgo basic manners and use terms that might offend the reader. Refrain from losing yourself to your emotions. Be sure always to maintain decorum in your words.
  6. Give due credit: The whole point of writing an ethics essay is somewhat defeated when you do not credit your sources. Take careful note of where you get information from, and quote so in your work.
  7. Refrain from the following: Using offensive language or pointing specifically to a community, religion, political entity, person, culture, sex, the art form and so on.
  8. Write what you believe in: This, easily, is the most important point. Always write about what you believe in, and it will reflect on the kind of work you do. Be passionate, and it will show in your essay.