Parental Participation In Private School

Parental participation in private school may not be all that different for parents of students in public school. Some may feel more involvement by parents occurs in private schools since parents make significant financial investments. Some private schools may have regulations that require parents to be more involved in child development. In turn, even studies have shown this element has been a big factor in students meeting academic achievements. But, how does parental participation in private school help students see better results?

Parents are more likely to be encouraging toward their child due to their learning environment. Private schools often have smaller classes and individual learning plans different from a public school. Teachers may have an environment that is quieter since they have fewer children to teach. Private school settings have a specific structure students will follow. This may include parent involvement in different ways besides providing academic support. Few parents welcome the idea of being more hands on with their child’s learning needs.

Financial investments parents make often ensure their child gets the help they need. In other words, many parents feel this is the best option for their child. Financial, many private schools operate on grants or private funding besides tuition costs paid by parents. More parents are encouraged to participate because they want to make sure their investment is worth it. A number of parents have negative memories of being in a public school setting. They want their child to have a better learning environment and they are willing to do what is necessary for private school education. There is still a debate as to whether public or private school provides better education experience. It may depend on the environment of the school, the needs of the student and how the curriculum is established to meet academic standards.

There are studies that review parent participation in private schools. Some parents feel it is necessary no matter which school your child attends (private or public). Some parents may not have as much involvement in their child’s learning as they would like. They may stay in touch with their child’s teacher to ensure their child is on point with the subject matter. Some schools may have mandatory meetings for parents to ensure they are in a good position to meet their child’s needs at home with academics.