How To Create A Perfect Opinion Essay On Education: Tips And Tricks

How do you come up with the perfect opinion essay? Everybody always has their own different opinion. The key to expressing your point of view is by learning to be persuasive. In addition, you need to learn the art of effectively passing your argument across and use of rhetorical language. For this piece of work, you can choose to compare, analyze, challenge or propose a solution to different educational aspects. Remember, your main objective is to draw your readers’ attention toward your own views.

Thesis Statement

Before you embark on any writing, consider what sort of thesis statement to write. Although this piece of work is based on personal line of argument, you still need to research on your topic. Your findings need to back up your stand about education. Afterwards, craft your thesis based on your view and the reason behind your work. Start your essay with a thesis statement which will serve as the point of origin. With that in mind, your thesis statement should be easily debatable.

Reasonable Support

The entire content of your paper assignment will tell the extent of your research. Use reasonable points to back up your view. For a research paper, statistics and facts work out very well. Nonetheless, your points should be arranged in a logical order for easy comprehension.

Emotional Language

With this type of work, you need to have very good and effective persuasion skills. Some of these persuasion skills are; being logic and an emotional language. To effectively use an emotional language, allow your reader's feelings to be part of your work. If you have no idea how to do it, have a look at how advertisers use it. For instance, you can give a story that will arouse your readers’ emotions.


Your readers need to be convinced and trust your argumentative angle. They need a source of evidence so that they can agree with your argument. Cite as many sources as you can to prove your view. Therefore, you need to be credible. To be fair enough in your paper, acknowledge other people's views, and have their references. This may either be after or in between your own points.

In addition, always review you work before handing it over. Check on any grammatical and spelling errors. A well written paper shows that you are sure and cautious about the content you are writing.